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Canine & feline physiotherapy / hydrotherapy 


Standard Initial assessment and first treatment - 1 hour 15 min - £75 

1.5 hour initial assessment and session (for very complicated cases or giant breeds) - £90

Follow-up treatment - 1 hour - £60

Follow-up treatment (LASER only) - 30 min - £40

Therapy sessions are individually tailored for your pet, and include one or more of the treatment options available depending on how your pet is at the time of their appointment. 

Appointments also include typing of an initial report to your veterinary surgeon and provision of suitable home advice, therapies and exercises which is updated as your dog progresses.

Available therapies include: soft tissue massage, passive joint exercises, passive stretches, phototherapy (low level laser therapy), pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, active stretches and exercises, and hydrotherapy. If hydrotherapy is used in your pets session, it may include walking on the hydrotherapy treadmill and/or performing various exercises relevant to your pets condition in the water environment.

Please read our client testimonials 

Home appointments

Carol Ann is unable to offer home appointments.


However, Grace who works at the clinic with Carol Ann, can offer home appointments via her mobile physiotherapy work:

GVP Veterinary Physiothe

CPD training sessions

  • Evening CPD sessions consisting of a talk and practical demonstrations of what veterinary physiotherapy and hydrotherapy is and how it can be of benefit to your clients. Aimed at vets and vet nurses. 

  • Physiotherapy training days aimed at qualified animal physiotherapists and hydrotherapists.

  • Pet first aid for pet professionals level 3 courses aimed at physiotherapists, hydrotherapists, dog groomers, dog walkers, home boarders etc.  


Canine first aid training

From Summer 2021 Valiant Veterinary Physiotherapy will be running a range of canine first aid courses.

You can find our centre details on our First Aid Training page and via the ProTrainings link below. ProTrainings also provide a range of online courses that you can purchase via their website.

Client Classes 

  • Canine Pilates (core strength & stability training) 

  • Canine massage  

  • Puppy proprioception 

Dates will be announced throughout the year for all courses. Please keep checking back here, and on our social media pages, for more information on the courses and to to see when these courses will be running. 

If you are interesting in attending a training session and we have no current dates advertised please do get in touch with us.

Products for Sale

We sell a range of therapeutic dog coats, treats and mental enrichment toys. See our products for sale page for more information. 

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Terms & conditions

Veterinary referral / consent

A veterinary referral is required before the assessment and treatment of any animal, including those having fitness checks or fitness maintenance appointments, in accordance with the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966.

If your animal develops a new condition while having therapy for an existing condition, or while having fitness sessions, a new veterinary referral may be required before treatment can continue.

You can download a referral form here:


Payment is to be made at the time of the appointment and can be made via cash, card or bank transfer.

A minimum of 24 hours notice is required for cancellations. Full payment is due if less than 24 hours notice is given, or if the appointment is a "no show".


In many cases, when treatment is recommended by your veterinary surgeon, the cost of physiotherapy can be claimed back from your animal's insurance provider. 

Insurance policies can vary so it is best to contact your insurance provider to check you are covered if you are wishing to claim back the cost of treatment.

Please note: we are not able to directly claim from your insurance provider.  

Animal health

It is unfortunate that from time to time our animals may become poorly. If this happens then physiotherapy treatment may be inadvisable. Therefore, please get in touch as soon as possible to discuss whether or not treatment needs to be postponed, or to let us know if your vet has advised pausing therapy due to illness.

Your animal will not be able to have therapy if it is suffering from (or has recently suffered from) a contagious / infectious condition.

Please consult your vet and us at Valiant Veterinary Physiotherapy if you are unsure.

Teaching and Students

Carol Ann is a qualified clinical educator and as such occasionally has veterinary physiotherapy students present at the clinic, particularly during, but not limited to, the months of September to May.

If you would rather not have students present during your pets session please do let Carol Ann know and this can of course be accommodated.

Photography / Videography

Photos and videos are regularly taken during physiotherapy sessions as a way of monitoring changes in your animal's condition. 

These photos and videos are also often used on social media and as part of my teaching. If you would prefer your animal's media isn't used please let Carol Ann know.

Additional Notes

  • Please keep your dog on a lead whilst on / around the premises, including the car park.

  • Please don’t feed your dog for at least two hours prior to your therapy session or for an hour after.

  • Please give your dog an opportunity to go to the toilet and empty its bowels prior to its therapy session.

  • NB: A charge of £100.00 will be made if a dog toilets in the treadmill as it will be necessary to cancel all further appointments that day in order to sanitise and clean the treadmill.

  • Valiant Veterinary Physiotherapy cannot be held responsible for damage or loss to vehicles or personal property, whilst on company premises.

  • Please wear sensible non slip soles during your visit, as the floors can be very slippery.

  • It is the owner’s responsibility to clean up after your pet (bags can be provided if needed).

  • Valiant Veterinary Physiotherapy reserves the right to cancel any session due to unforeseen circumstances such as, but not limited to, power failure, maintenance or illness.

Privacy Policy

Client personal details (name, address, contact details) are stored on secure storage devices while you are a client of VVPhysio Ltd. Your details are only used for arranging veterinary referrals, for VVPhysio Ltd to communicate with you about your pets appointments, to communicate with you or your vet about your pets therapy, and to complete any required insurance claim forms. Your details will not be shared with anyone else. You have the right to ask for your personal data to be erased. Any complaints or issues can be lodged with the managing director of VVPhysio Ltd (Carol Ann Batchelor).

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