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Margot first came to see the VVP team in October 2022 when, at the age of 4, she was struck down with Grade 5 IVDD. 


Margot had emergency surgery but was still suffering with near complete paralysis and the vet did not know if Margot would ever walk again or have any quality of life. We were completely heartbroken.


Then came along Carol Ann and the VVP team. They were so experienced in treating cases like Margot’s, we instantly knew she was in safe hands. 


The VVP team carefully assessed Margot’s needs and put together a bespoke programme of laser and massage therapy, physio and hydro therapy. 


Margot loves going to the clinic and she has built close bonds with all the members of the VVP team. When we pull up outside, Margot is always desperate to see the VVP team and is completely spoilt with their love and care. The team genuinely treat all of the dogs in their care as if they are one of their own. 


The VVP team go above and beyond to provide advice and regularly updated plans for you to follow at home. We get photos and videos of Margot’s sessions and we always receive a debrief so we know how she is getting on. 


We never dared to dream that Margot would be able to walk again. Yet Margot’s progress under VVP feels nothing short of a miracle. Margot has achieved so much under their care. We have seen Margot’s tail wag again for the first time, seen her stand again and take her first steps, and today we were able to take her on her favourite walk again for the first time. 


We cannot recommend VVP highly enough. They have genuinely given Margot her life back and we will be eternally grateful.



Charlie has been attending physiotherapy since Dec 2018 following TTA surgery to his right stifle in Oct 2018 after rupturing his cruciate ligament. Charlie also had TPLO surgery on his left hind in Nov 2020 when his left cruciate ligament ruptured. Initially his therapy was for post operative rehabilitation. These days he attends regular monthly maintenance combined physio and hydrotherapy treadmill sessions.

He has improved his strength and stamina and the regular sessions help to maintain his mobility. Charlie loves his visits so much he doesn’t want to leave, he adores the staff and always tries his best especially when there’s a treat involved.


I can honestly say Charlie has and will continue to receive the best possible and up to date treatment from Carol Ann and her team and the facilities within the building. Valiant vetenary Physiotherapy is highly recommend 

🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾 5 paws from Charlie 

Charlie Beach .jpg


My dog Murphy has been coming to Valiant Vet Physio since June 2019 as Murphy is a bit of a clumsy fella and had a few soft tissue injuries. 

Murphy enjoys his therapy. When we say are we going to see the girls his tail wags like mad.

He has a combination of laser therapy / massage which he sleeps through, then he does a workout in the water treadmill which he loves. 


The girls are always so friendly and happy and answer all your questions you may have.


I would tell anyone who need any sort of physio for their dog to go to Valiant Vet Physio without a doubt as they're great.



I first brought Dotty to see Carol and the team in July 2021 when at the age of 9 she was diagnosed with arthritis in her right hip resulting in some pain and lameness.


From the get go, the Valiant team had Dotty's welfare as their top priority, taking time to assess her correctly, and providing sessions of hydro, physio, laser and massage therapy, all to ease her discomfort and improve her mobility.

With the help of some pain relief, Dot's mobility improved and after a few months, her discomfort and lameness had reduced to a little 'end of day' stiffness.


Of course, nothing ever stays the same and in March '22, Dot ruptured her left cruciate ligament which required surgery. As soon as Dot was home, the team at Valiant had obtained permission to resume physio from the referral vet and updated my local vet with Dot's treatment plan.


It's no secret that Dot's least favourite activity is Hydro, but the team have taken time to understand what motivates her and she has even been known to relax during physio!

The team keep us and our vet up to date at all times, providing exercises and advice, plus we have regular pre and post treatment session debriefs.


Fast forward to June '22 and the team have not only worked on Dot's operated leg, but have of course continued to treat her arthritic hip! 


Her progress post op is amazing, and as a result of her regular physio sessions she is so much happier, she wants to get out and have fun. I get a real sense that the team care for all their patients and understand their quirks and personalities.


Thanks to the team, she's now a very perky 10 year old pup!



Arthur, who was a previously fit and healthy Border Collie, was diagnosed incidentally with mild to moderate hip dysplasia in both hips August 2021 following a fall and some struggles with mobilising after a long sleep. I was completely devastated by this and felt at a complete loss. Our vet in Nottingham recommended Valiant Vet Physiotherapy to help with strengthening his muscles to keep his hips stable and build up muscle in preparation for potentially having to have a total hip replacement in the future.


Arthur started physio in late August initially fortnightly but now goes weekly. I cannot thank Claire, Gemma and Carol Ann enough for their patience with Arthur, who isn't so keen on change and new things! They have lavished him with love, care and patience particularly around using the hydrotherapy treadmill as he had some reluctance to even approach it - he now runs into the treadmill and can't wait to get started!


We can really see the benefits of the physio sessions; we holidayed in Derbyshire in November 2021 and again in February 2022 and by going on the same walks, we saw the difference in Arthur in just three months and it's phenomenal. He is back to bounding around like a puppy, full of energy and enthusiasm for his walks again - we can't keep up with him now!


He was reviewed by a vet orthopaedic surgeon in January 2022 who said that we are doing so well with him, he is building muscle and is not struggling at all with his diagnosis thanks to the physio that he doesn't feel Arthur will need a hip replacement at all if we continue the way he is doing which I am so pleased about.

Arthur loves his Wednesday appointments and knows what 'come on Arthur, let's go and see Auntie Claire' means! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the love, expertise and patience with our boy, you have made such a difference to him and to us.



I got Ffion at the end of February 2020, a bright confident whippet puppy with prospects for a sporting career in agility. She excelled at early learning then at 17 weeks old she had an awful accident. Colliding with another dog she broke her radius and ulna requiring a plate to be put in her leg. All this smack at the start of a global pandemic and a national lockdown. 


The bone healed well but I knew she wasn't right and we were both mentally drained. It was at that point I was recommended VVP. They were a little way out from me but I wanted the best for my pup.


It has been a long few months but with the tailored exercises they set us and therapy from the VVP team Ffion has gone from strength to strength.


They were also there for me mentally with my questions over a cheeky puppy who managed to outsmart me at doing her home work.


Ffion now enjoys maintenance sessions and is pretty much a normal dog again. She has started back at agility foundations and has also filmed for an advert taking on every physical activity with ease.


We both wouldn't be where we are today without the help of the VVP team, we will be forever grateful.

Jenny & Ffion



Bear was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia when he was around 9 months old. After resting following a walk he would become quite lame in his front legs.

A few weeks after his diagnosis he went for his first physio session at Valiant Vet Physio. He loves the balances exercises as he is eager to learn, but being a Staffie who dislikes being wet, the underwater treadmill is taking a bit of time to get used to.

He has had regular sessions to strengthen his muscles so his joints are well supported. Now at nearly 2 year old, after all the time and support the Valiant team have put in to him, he has not been lame for at least a year and has managed to take up Canine Hoopers - a sport we both enjoy taking part in.



We made our first visit to Carol Ann and Valiant Veterinary Physiotherapy in February 2018 after Luka was diagnosed with an iliopsoas strain.  Prior to seeing Carol Ann, we had been to many vets to get a diagnosis and Luka was understandably wary of being examined. 


Carol Ann put us all at our ease very quickly, and over the following weeks, Luka came to really enjoy her weekly physio sessions which included laser therapy, massage, active stretches, balance work and hydrotherapy treadmill.  Throughout the whole time, I felt incredibly well supported and Luka became increasingly more comfortable with being handled.  Carol Ann was always at the end of a phone call or message and responded to all my questions and concerns.  Luka made fantastic progress, and we got the point over a 6 month period where we felt that we could drop to monthly maintenance sessions. 

Luka, however, had other ideas and over the subsequent months she has ruptured her bladder, damaged the ligaments in her wrist joint so badly she had to have the wrist joint fused and fractured her toe.  We have seen Carol pretty much weekly for the last 2 and half years and throughout this period, Carol Ann has been right by my side.  She has provided advice, a shoulder to cry on, and supported us both through a whole range of rehabilitation programmes depending on the injury.

She has become a mentor, a friend and someone I trust implicitly to do the best thing possible to ensure Luka can live her best life. Luka has thrived under her guidance and I can wholeheartedly recommend Carol Ann and her team without hesitation.



Olive (5 year old Labrador) has been treated by Carol Ann at Valiant Veterinary Physiotherapy for several years since a fall resulting in bilateral elbow fractures. Initially Olive was treated by Carol Ann during the acute phase after her surgery to repair the fractures, and more recently as part of a maintenance plan.  

Olive loves the variety of her sessions: working out on the underwater treadmill, electrotherapies, soft tissue massage and the active floor exercises delivered as games which Olive enjoys. The games stimulate Olives brain and are easy to adapt to do at home.

Olive has progressed well under Carol Anns guidance, her muscles are strengthened, her joints are less stiff, and her range of movement improved, all of which have helped to reduce the pain medication she needs, with some days not requiring any medication at all. Furthermore, Olives diva behaviour has improved. 

Carol Ann's expertise has been a tremendous support not only in managing Olives condition, but also my anxiety that we are doing the right thing for Olive, for example, when to rest, when to progress and what to do on her not so good days that she occasionally experiences. 

At the start Olive could only go outside (by being carried) for a wee, nowadays she is enjoying long walks off lead - I could never have imagined this as a possibility at the beginning. 

I have felt in safe hands and have no hesitation in recommending Carol Ann and her team. 

Thank you. 



At 9 months old Bella started screaming in pain when she woke up from a sleep, having previously been out walking. We went to the vet and she had x-rays taken and was diagnosed with severe bilateral hip dysplasia.

Bella was referred to an orthopaedic surgeon for further investigations and possible hip replacement surgery. Thankfully my brilliant vets also suggested taking Bella for physiotherapy/hydrotherapy, to build up her muscles around the hip socket, which would be helpful both before and after any surgery.  

We met up with Carol Ann for Bella's initial session and started Bella on her physiotherapy program (which included hydrotherapy treadmill) straight away.  Shortly after, Bella visited the referral surgeon, who wanted to refer her onto another surgeon who purely deals with hip replacements. There was a wait for this and Bella continued with regular hydrotherapy sessions.  

Before meeting Carol Ann, and then Nina (who does Bella’s fortnightly sessions) , Bella was on pain medications, she was restricted to three 10 min lead walks on a flat surface per day, she wasn’t allowed to jump into or out of the car, onto the sofa, play with my other dogs or run loose around the garden. 

Fast forward six months: Bella now runs off lead with my other dogs, leads a normal active life, is on no medication other than a Yumove supplement, no longer screams from any pain, and when she saw the surgeon he was so impressed he didn’t feel it necessary to go ahead with surgery!

We can’t thank Carol Ann and Nina enough and would definitely recommend anyone in a similar position trying hydrotherapy at Valiant Vet Physio before going down the surgery route!



George had severe osteoarthritis in his left wrist causing him to be sore all the time, and he was turning into a fed up old boy who didn’t want to do a lot. In May 2016 George had an operation to fuse his wrist.

Since that op and the post-op physiotherapy from Carol Ann, he’s like a new boy with a new lease of life. Enjoying days out with his little brother Tyke and even keeping up with him! He can now manage around 6 mile steady walks easily.

He absolutely loves his regular maintenance sessions with Carol Ann and it’s nice to know we are doing all we can to keep him comfortable and enjoying life.

We can’t thank Carol Ann and Nina enough and would definitely recommend anyone in a similar position trying hydrotherapy at Valiant Vet Physio before going down the surgery route!



After an injury Lola’s knee began to luxate (luxating patella). I initially took her to a hydrotherapy treadmill in Nottingham but felt that wasn’t enough to assist with building up her muscles again.

My vet recommended Valiant Veterinary Physiotherapy and I can honestly say it was the best recommendation I have been given!


Carol-Ann agreed that there were lots of land based exercises that I could do at home as well as the hydrotherapy treadmill (which we also do at Valiant Vet Physio now).


We were told by the specialist that Lola would need surgery, but 1 year later and Lola’s knee is stable and she is super fit, and is doing advanced balance work and treadmill. She is also back doing the agility that she loves!



Denzel was diagnosed with a grade 2/5 luxating patella a few months back. As a veterinary nurse, and his owner, I didn't want to rush into surgery at the age of 2 and a half! So after a course of painkillers, long term joint supplements and a course of acupuncture I contacted Carol Ann at VVP to help strengthen his leg so his knee cap wouldn't move as much.

Carol Ann was amazing with Denzel during his sessions which he absolutely loves, especially the treats! She would start off with massage and laser treatment and then move onto exercises on the wobble cushions. We would then have our homework and be reassessed monthly.


Denzel is coming along so well and, although his knee cap still has its wobbly moments, with Carol Ann's help he is able to run around again and act like a giant puppy without being in pain and the worry of it 'popping out'. I would 100% recommend her to anyone and cannot wait for Denzel to progress onto the hydrotherapy.



Trixie is almost 16, and 15 months ago was effectively crippled by arthritis in her spine.  She can't take any pain relief - every one we've tried has caused a dreadful reaction. So when she could barely walk, and was clearly in a lot of pain the whole time, I took her to the vet again thinking it was time to put her out of her misery. The vet suggested trying physiotherapy and recommended Carol Ann, and there was nothing to lose so we went for it.

It has been amazing and has transformed Trixie's life! She does have some pain and stiffness still but these are largely relieved by the regular physiotherapy sessions. She is an elderly dog (and even before all this was a total couch potato), but she is able to amble round her short walks now and takes a keen interest in all the smells again. She can even, if she chooses, take off at a gallop and have a great run, though I discourage too much of it in case she hurts herself. 

Trixie loves the physiotherapy, and sleeps through it, totally relaxed. I think Lucy, my young dog, is jealous - she also loves Carol and tries very hard to get her attention too!

We have good and bad days still, and just had several really bad days, but Carol Ann rearranged her weekend plans to get over for an extra session, and Trixie is now recovering well. I just wish she was available for people - my 92 year old Mum could use this!



Carol Ann has been fantastic in rehabilitating our Springer Spaniel Tilly following her rear leg amputation with both physiotherapy and hydrotherapy.

Every session was made fun and Tilly couldn't wait to get started. With her physique constantly changing Carol Ann did a great job of adapting to her needs and building up great muscle structure.


Happily Tilly is now a strong, energetic dog enjoying life in a way she may not have had it not have been for all the hard work Carol Ann put in.

It was a delight to watch Carol Ann work as I could see just how happy and relaxed Tilly was. I have no hesitation in recommending Carol Ann to anyone who has a pet in need.



Both of my dogs love Carol Ann coming through the front door! There is usually a heated wagging discussion over who gets to lie down first and who has to wait their turn! Luna has lots of arthritic bone build up in her joints.

Carol Ann used the xrays from Luna's specialist as well as hands on assessments to figure out what treatments and movements would help to support the joints and provide some pain relief. Luna is always so relaxed and happy to let Carol Ann 'work her magic' and extends out further when walking after treatments. 


Tucker loves to show Carol Ann exactly where she needs to focus her attentions by twisting and turning and offering areas of muscle tension to her! He has trusted Carol Ann to bend and stretch him into yoga-type positions when needed and his once regular bouts of discomfort through trigger points have reduced dramatically.


Carol Ann helps to keep both my dogs comfortable and happy and my dogs don't hesitate to recommend her to all their friends!

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