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Clinic Update: Feb 2023


2022 was busy year here at VVP. We saw more patients than ever before and we welcomed three new members of staff: Charlotte, Alys and more recently Becky. We also had plenty to celebrate with three staff weddings: Claire, Grace and Alys.

We are starting 2023 with more exciting news and hope you will all join us in congratulating Claire and Grace who will be adding new members to the team in April and July 2023. Claire is planning to begin her maternity leave mid March, while Grace will begin her maternity leave around June. Becky will be taking over the majority care of Claire's patients. Similarly, Grace's patients will be looked after by Alys and by Gemma (who has worked alongside us for the past year as an assistant while she trains, and who should be qualifying shortly as a fully qualified therapist). As Becky, Alys and Gemma already work alongside us, they already know your dogs and we can continue to provide the highest possible standard of continuous care.

Please speak to us if you have any concerns.


We have been reviewing our policy regarding allowing clients into clinic. We are happy to announce we will be gradually allowing clients to come into clinic with their pets. If you prefer to continue to drop your dog off for sessions this is absolutely fine.

From 1st February new clients may come into the clinic with their pet for the initial session.

We will also slowly start to allow our existing clients to come into clinic with their pets. Beginning with our more sensitive patients in Feb and if that goes well the rest of our clients in March. We will let you know the appointment before that we will be inviting you in to the next therapy session.

Allowing clients into sessions will be a gradual process and we do have some stipulations.

  • When you arrive at the clinic please continue to wait outside and do not come into reception. Once we are ready we will invite you into the clinic for your dogs therapy session.

  • Clients will be allowed in for one session to being with. During which we will assess how your dog responds to having you in session. Please do not be offended if we request you continue to drop your dog off following this trial appointment. Some dogs do perform and get more out of their therapy session when their owner is not present. We can think of a few dogs (who came for therapy pre Covid pandemic) where we have managed to get much more into their sessions while the dogs are on their own with us.

  • Only one client per appointment to come into the clinic, and no children.

  • If you (or if a member of staff) have a cold / cough we will request you still drop your dog off for their session or wear a FFP3 face mask (which we will provide).

  • If a member of staff is vulnerable (e.g. having a asthmatic flare up) you will be requested to either wear a mask in session or wait outside.

  • We will provide shoe covers which are to be worn while in the clinic.

We will be continuing to run appointments with a short gap in between to allow for additional cleaning in between patients.

If you, or anyone in your household, feels unwell or has signs of Covid please contact us and cancel your appointment ASAP.

Similarly, if your dog has any signs of a contagious illness particularly a GI upset (vomiting or diarrhoea) in the 48 hour prior to their appointment please contact us and cancel. If you show up to your appointment knowing that your dog has signs of a GI upset that we will not be able to see them and you will still be charged for your appointment.


If you are dropping off your dog, please remember to be back at the clinic 5 min before the end of your dogs appointment so that you are on time to collect them otherwise you may incur a late pick up fee.


Cancellations with less than 24 hour notice, and no show appointments, will be charged at 100% of the session amount.


Due to the rising costs (rent, utilities and of course wages for our staff) we unfortunately are having to increase our prices. This price increase will bring us in line with similar businesses within the animal rehabilitation sector as we have always been priced lower yet provide more services within sessions. However, we cannot afford to do that anymore. I hope you will all understand.

If you find it difficult to continue at your current appointment frequency with the new prices, please speak to us, and will aim to help you with a new treatment plan. For example, having appointments spaced slightly further apart combined with a new home program.

If your therapy is covered by insurance, while we still do not offer direct claims, if it helps we are able to complete the insurance forms as often as you need us to.

From 1st March 2023

  • Initial 1 hr 15 min therapy session (toy to large breed dogs) £75

  • Initial 1 hr 30 min therapy session (giant breed dogs) £95

  • Follow up 1 hour therapy session £60

  • Follow up 30 min class 4 laser therapy / re-assessment session £40


From 1st March 2023 we will now be offering a special offer discount rate for clients who bring 2 or more dogs along at the same time for consecutive appointments (e.g. a 10am and 11am appt on the same day, or 2 10am appts on the same day with different therapists): the first appointment will be full price but the second (and third etc.) dogs appointment will have a 10% discount applied.

For example:

2 dogs at 10am on the same day would = £60 for the first dog plus £54 for the second dog = £114.

As Always


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