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Pet Professionals First Aid

Sunday 25th October 2020 saw us running our very first Pet First Aid for Pet Professionals Level 3 course for staff members of Valiant Vet Physio who needed to refresh their first aid skills.

It is important that pet professionals, such as veterinary physiotherapists, renew their pet first aid skills every couple of years. This is to keep them up to date with current guidance and to refresh skills that (hopefully) aren't used very often, to ensure that in an emergency situation they are prepared and able to provide the required first aid.

Cleo, my super physio demo dog, was in attendance to supervise and provide encouragement to the ladies. She was relieved to find out that she didn't have to participate in any of the course practical sections. Instead we used Casper the CPR training dog to practice CPD, and Holly the casualty Husky dog and several of our stuffed dogs (normally utilised to show off the harnesses and coats we sell in the clinic) to practice bandaging.

The pet first aid for pet professionals course is a blended course involving several hours of training videos and an online test which the ladies had to complete before the practical day. The training videos cover a wide range of content including safety considerations, health checks, injuries and illnesses, choking, bleeding, CPR etc. Then the practical day is used to consolidate the training and assess practical skills such as putting a muzzle on a dog, aiding a choking dog, performing CPR, and bandaging various areas of a dog.

The day was great fun. Nina and Claire are now all up to date with their first aid skills, and both feel well prepared in case of an emergency situation. And Cleo was all tired out from the excitement of being course supervisor for the day.

We are planning on running a number of pet first aid courses throughout 2021 for pet professionals as well as for pet owners. For more information and dates see or keep an eye out on our social media pages.

If you want to put your name down in advance for one of the courses please do get in touch with us on

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