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Doggy Awards 2020

We didn't do a dog of the month for our most recent issue of our Newsletter. Instead we decided to have a bit of fun here at the clinic and celebrate several pooches who make us laugh at their antics in session. As well as reward some of the dogs who have been surprising superstars in session without their owners.

All of the dogs mentioned have won a packet of yummy treats as a reward which will be given to them in their next therapy session.

Most likely to fall asleep..... in the treadmill: RILEY

Lovely Labrador Riley is a cheeky chap who would much rather have a relaxing snooze than work out. In fact on a number of occasions he has been so relaxed in session that he has almost dozed off during the rest periods of his treadmill sessions. Bless.

Most keen to workout....all the time!: LUKA & RAYNE& LOLA

At the opposite end of the spectrum we have three pooches who are just raring to work out and exercise. German Pointer Luka, and Toy Poodles Rayne and Lola, all would much rather spend their entire therapy session exercising, working out and earning treats than laying back and relaxing. Rayne and Lola are particularly vocal when they have to suffer through a rest period. They are definitely Go Go Go dogs.

Dog with the shortest attention span: BUSTER

Handsome German Shepherd Buster makes us laugh in session as he is easily distracted. We come up with ways to keep him entertained and focused such as playing treat peekaboo. He is a such an awesome character.

As well as the comedy awards we also wanted to acknowledge a few of our patients who have surprised us the most at their response to therapy without their owners: BEAR, MAGGIE W, MILLIE P, QVINA, MURPHY, JACK, ECHO

Our appointments are currently drop off only appointments, and while all the dogs have been fantastic despite their owners having to wait outside, there have been a number of dogs who have really surprised us with how amazing they have been: These are Staffordshire Bull Terriers Bear and Maggie, Cockerpoo Millie, Shepherds Qvina and Murphy, Labrador Jack, Collie Cross Echo and Irish Red Setter Noah.

Some of these dogs are normally rather a handful as they are very energetic and bouncy in session, while others are very nervous/anxious, yet they have all taken the new normal in their stride and settled brilliant in session and we have been so pleased with how they have reacted.

You are all Superstars!

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